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Our 35+ Combined Years of Experience in the Music Marketing Industry, promises your growth! We have managed to help 2,000+ Artists grow! Join the Averia Family and let us lead you to your success!

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Promoting with us, will get your Artist Profile on another level!
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Powerful Marketing 

Our strategies and methods are extremely powerful! Mass email and direct messages on the social media is what will get you these juicy results you were longing for!

Fast Growth

Get to 50,000+ Listeners within 4 Weeks! Let the streams flow by trigering the algorithms!


See Results Overnight

Our team will prepare your campaign within 6 hours from placing the order! This ensure the arrival of your first results in less than 48 hours guaranteed!

Targeted Audience

All our Marketing Campaigns are prepared and sent to a genre specific audience. This will improve your Fans Also Like algorithm but also increase the Listener's conversion rates!


Artist Testimonials

Here are some of the very many testimonials from the Artists we have worked with for the past decade!

Averia FTW. A Proper Agency To Work With

John and his team has delivered their promise. Averia Agency is our very first contact before we release any new material! They are professionals, we value and respect their suggestions and always follow their advice and proposals! Excellent work guys! Thank you!

From Zero to Hero within 5 weeks!!!

Best growth rate we have ever seen as a band! Averia has helped us grow our Listeners within 5 weeks! We are now subscribed for lifetime! It's totally worth it!

Their pricing deals are a steal for what you get!

Guys seriously, their prices are so budget friendly! Especially nowadays we Artists fund ourselves to produce our albums, merch etc, the marketing budget was always an issue! Averia helped us overcome this obstacle! A big thanks to Averia team!

They Deliver more than prommissed!

For the past few years, we always ran our campaigns with Averia, after being scammed from previous wanna-be "Agencies". Since we promote with Averia, their campaigns deliver far more from what they are promising on their description! Totally Recommend

Why Choose Us

Simply because we are the very Best out there! Lead more below!

Large Team 

We have a 140+ Averian Specialists in the Music Industry! From Blogers, to Conent and Creative writers, Solicitors, IT Experts, Brand Creators, Designers, Marketers and even translators to run targeted Country Campaigns, should you wish to target a specific country, in over 30 languages!

Top Customer Support

John, Evelyn and Matt are there to answer all your questions related to Music and campaigns! The three of them have all an extensive experience in pretty much any field. 

Go ahead, ask them a question! Working 7 Days a week from 9am to 5pm GMT (UK time)

High Quality Service

In our company, there are no shortcuts! No lazyness and defintiely we do have a strict police to attention to detail! Each Artist has an account manager who is dealing with their inquires exclusively! 

VIP support is offered to all Artists, no matter if they are major or medium, signed or non signed!

Top Rated

Our ratings are high due to the fact we actually deliver more than promissing! 

We always take an extra mile to satisfy our clients to the infinity and beyond,  just like Buzz Lightyear :D

Best Quality Control

Our team keep running A to B and even C ads on the background in order to indentify new practices and invent new methods that actually convert the highest! Efficiency is our top priority! 

This way we can keep our pricing low and keep delivering the very best service to you!

140+ Private Curators

Working with Averia, not only you receive the best service, best customer support, best results, best price, but also you gain access to our PSP (Privately Curated Playlist) network!

With 140+ Curators, 60+ Genres, 20,000+ Playlists and with a 16M+ combined followers your exposure is endless!

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Every month we run contests, give aways, offers and promotions that help your artist to grow even more! Do not miss it!