Averia Agency UK is a team of experts who are extremely passionate about getting musicians the exposure and recognition that they deserve! Our team excels at bringing the best strategies forward that include a mix of marketing techniques to get your music out there.

Our team consists of expert digital marketers, graphic designers, video editors and publicists that will surf their day and night into bringing your music to the world! We, at Averia Agency UK, aim to help artists from all over the globe get their talent recognized through our amazing strategies that are sure to provide you with the satisfaction you desire!

We don't only focus on promoting your music on digital streaming platforms but we also aim to get you a good social media presence in order to provide you with a solid base! Our team ensures that every artist we work with is treated equally and given the best possible service. From social media platforms to music PR, we do it all!  

Our Team

We stand out among all the music promotion services thanks to our up-to-date research and marketing techniques. Our team constantly looks for new and useful methods that can be used to promote your music. Seeing hard working musicians not receiving the recognition they deserve despite traditional music PR techniques is heartbreaking. Thus, the Averia Agency UK strives to not only utilize these old methods but also use the current age's extreme affinity to social media and develop a good following for our artists on various platforms.   

Whether you're a musician currently in the business, or you're just starting out as a fresh new artist, you will require a good representation in the market to stand out among thousands of other artists with the same goal as you. That's where we come in! We specialize in generating a good following for you all the while getting your name out to the public as a talented musician. Fear no more for your talent shall be recognized if you have us to lead you forward!

Averia Agency UK has worked with enough artists to know how the entire process works. All our artists are 100% satisfied with our marketing and promotional strategies. With each artist, we get to learn something new and then apply that newfound technique for success on our newer artists. We learn from our experience and build upon our ways to help you pave the way to achieve your ultimate goal!

Starting off with smaller services, we have now built our agency more and offer quality services such as music promotion services on various music sites and social media platforms, stem mastering services and music promotion services for record labels as well! The Averia Agency UK excels at what it does, satisfying countless clients and exposing the world to their valuable talent.

Creativity combined with modern marketing goes by the name Averia! So, sit back and produce your awesome music while we work our magic and get you to the top in this industry!