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The Ultimate Growth - Investment Package

The Ultimate Growth - Investment Package

We are pleased to offer our exceptional streaming services packages catered specifically to artists like you.

With our packages, your music will receive the exposure it deserves,
generating significant streaming numbers and, most importantly, delivering substantial monetary returns.
Take a look at our three enticing options:

1) £249 for 100,000 streams
2) £649 for 250,000 streams
3) £1,299 for 500,000 streams
4) £3,699 for 1,500,000 streams

What's even more exciting is that Spotify pays out a generous £2,790 for every million streams based in the USA.
This means that by choosing any of our packages, not only will you recoup your investment, but you will also gain a remarkable profit and the best of all,
you get to keep the numbers and showcase your profile and targeting potential live shows with venues around the world!

Let's calculate the profit percentage for a clearer understanding:

Considering the Spotify payout of £2,790 per million streams, let's analyze the £649 package.
With 250,000 streams, you would earn £697,50 in royalties, resulting 100% of your return of investment and a profit of £48,50 which you can re invest back to your artist profile!

Our streaming services not only provide a fantastic return on investment and profit, but also open up doors to increased exposure and fanbase growth.
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Choose our streaming packages today to propel your music career forward.

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