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Artist Profile Growth Plan

Artist Profile Growth Plan

A revolutionary Marketing Strategy Method that showed up to 300% increase compared to our other packages!

We have managed to run budgeting optimization algorithms and achieved better results and faster growth for the very same budget compared to our Playlisting Methods! 

Starting with as low as £50, see results within 24 hours!

A comparison chart is listed below explaining why this new method works!


Direct Ads

Price (average)

£35 - £50


Streams (average)

2,500 - 3,500 per month

5,000+ between 48 to 72 hours

Genre Specific

Mixed to 2-3 genres

Targeted & Dedicated Audience

Algorithmic Lists


Discover Weekly, On Repeat, Release Radar (for new released content)


Streams will stop after your track is removed from the playlist. Playlist Followers are less likely to visit the artist profile

Organic Artist growth since the audience is introduced only on your profile (saves, followers and returning fans repeating the songs)

Fans Also Like

Mixed genre, sometimes artists will be added on a playlist with different styles of music, hence the fans also like algorithm will be changing, often to not very similar artists

Fans Also Like are always accurate and the match is between 88% to 100% of similar artists

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