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Averia Agency UK

Ultimate Metalheads

Ultimate Metalheads

🔥🔥Get featured on 350K+ METAL-HEADS network of playlists 🔥🔥

What you get from this Promotion
1 MONTH Placement
1 TRACK of your choice
5,000+ Monthly Listeners expected
10,000+ Streams expected
✅Unique listeners from UK, FR, IT, ES, CH, BE 


You DO NOT pay for playlist placements, your payment goes towards our time spent pitching your tracks to the right direction. 
Curators are NOT paid as this is against the Spotify terms and conditions! 
Hence the curators are NOT obliged to add your track if they do not want to!

- Playlist followers are combined, we will Make sure your tracks will be distributed across the maximum amount mentioned on each package! 

*  We do not guarantee any specific numbers of streams, listeners, followers or saves, everything is organic and we do not force anyone to follow, save and streams your tracks!

** We do not guarantee a specific time of your track staying on Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists by Spotify, as these playlists are entirely up to how long you bring traffic to that specific track! The longer you promote, the longer your tracks will stay on these playlists from Spotify!

- All our campaigns reaching real people and it is up to them on how they will engage! At Averia Agency UK we offer only real and organic results so your expectations should be realistic!

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